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The new node protocol standard

Treasury Growth via $LAVA Token

The funds generated will be put to work generating a yield for the treasury and node holders. In the time leading up to the transition to Phase 2, the team will be utilizing numerous investment strategies and begin to build out sister companies.

Revenue Share Model with $nLAVA

Users can claim a percentage of their rewards in $nLAVA tokens, which are redeemable for a portion of the treasury’s return on investments. Node payouts in $nLAVA will begin small, but as the treasury grows so will the percentage of $nLAVA paid out.

Complete Self Sustainability

The protocol will at this point be able to support near 100% nLAVA payouts and will be fully self-sustainable with income generated via sister projects, treasury farming, healthy taxes, angel investments and royalties.

Revolutionary features geared towards sustainability

Our innovative solutions to unlock the true potential of our protocol

Node Minting

Mint a node with multiple assets such as USDC.e, wETH, wBTC, or native LAVA. Users can also utilize our Fusion NFT to permanently upgrade their existing nodes

Flexible Nodes

Allows users of all wallet sizes to participate in our protocol, removing the need for a large initial investment. Our flex nodes provide a direct upgrade path to a full node.

Umbrella Company

Conducting ourselves as an umbrella company allows us to develop multiple in-house projects, which each provide their own revenue streams.

In-House NFT Marketplace

Buy and sell Fusion, Wallet Booster NFTs, and eventually your nodes directly on our platform using LAVA as the currency.

Peer-to-Peer OTC

Custom built Discord bot for matching up buyers and sellers. Users will be able to benefit from this system by avoiding price impact.


A ROI tracking system that will be enabled post launch. This innovative rewards mechanism will be a groundbreaking method of managing emissions.


March 2022
Whitepaper released
dApp closed beta launched
Partnerships negotiated
Sister project concepts laid out
April 2022
Sister project development
KYC + Contract Audit
NFT & WL Presale + Public Launch
CoinMarketCap + Coingecko Listing
May 2022
Project Athena V1 Release
First Earnings/Sustainability Report Release
True-ROI™ System Release
In-house Marketplace Release
June 2022
Project Athena V2 Release
Project Flora V1 Release
Angel Investment Platform Release + Round 1 Investment
Project Moneta Closed Beta
Q3 2022
Ecosystem fully functioning (Sister projects, angel investments, etc)
Development of additional sister projects
Performance report for Round 1 Angel Investments release

Frequently asked questions

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What will the treasury be investing in?
In-house sister companies, safe yield farming strategies, stablecoin looping, bluechip coin staking, angel investments, & a small high-risk portfolio.
How can I trust this project?
Publicly doxed core team members & KYC, audited contracts, a 5 person multi-sig wallet for all project transactions - a security first approach.
What makes you different from other projects?
We intend to truly solve the sustainability problem that is core to all node protocols. With our innovative mechanisms fully in place, working as intended, we will be the first project that attains true self sustainability.
Upcoming features?
NFT Marketplace for our nodes, Fusion NFTs and more. Node health system using True-ROI™
How does governance work?
A portion of our treasury investments, as well as significant protocol decisions, will be put to a community vote. Members will be able to vote using our gLAVA token, where the voting weight is determined by users’ stake in the protocol.
Initial Price
24HR Volume
Market Cap